In the evolution of the planet Earth, it has been present cyclical and no cyclical variations in the global weather; however as a consequence of industrial human activity the changes in the weather have been modified.

Today Climate Change can:

  • Increase the sea level.
  • Shrink glaciers.
  • More droughts.
  • More natural disasters.

In particular:

  • Increase the sea level :
    • Water heating.
      • Less fishing.
    • It can go up to one meter if it increases the temperature by 4 degrees in some cities.
  • The shrink of glaciers:
    • Change in the flow of the rivers.
      • Soil degradation.
    • Flood risk.
    • Vegetation reduction.
    • Lower carbon uptake into the atmosphere.
  • More droughts.
    • Less grain.
    • Less livestock.
    • Less food.
    • Less generation of value.
    • Lower economic power.
    • More poverty.
  • More natural disasters.
    • Less rain.
    • Human and material losses.
    • Human displacement.

We agree with the criteria that summarize the solutions against climate change in four lines of action:

1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% to 70% between 2010 to 2050.

2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the null level for 2100.

3. Renewable energy.

4. Set a carbon price.

“We have one last chance, the choice is in our hands”.